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We asked our customers to share with us and tell with their own words their experiences about Mindenmentes Food and would they recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We are truly grateful for the given answers!

  • We asked our customers to share with us and tell with their own words their experiences about Mindenmentes Food and would they recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. We are truly grateful for the given answers!

    October 2019

  • With the dishes of Mindenmentes Food, despite the austerity, from now on I will able to provide the meal of mine and my husband (which otherwise I could only do by all-day cooking. This is an enormous help for me. What's more, food not only meets our health needs, but it is almost invariably delicious. We haven't found such a partnership anywhere else.

    October 2019

  • I would gladly recommend it. The offered dishes are with high-quality and varied diversity.

    October 2019

  • I have already suggested Mindenmentes Food to others, and they are also satisfied with the service. The quality of the dishes met the expectations of mine, completely. However, it would be advisable to find other alternatives to plastic boxes for environmental protection.

    Eszter Oláh, October 2019

  • I am so grateful for I am able to deal with the weekdays' meals in a safe, healthy, flexible and comfortable way. For me, lunch is a very important thing, and it's a huge help not having to cook my special gluten-free next day's lunch after a reworked day.

    October 2019

  • I recommend to everyone for the dishes are tasty, and they can be easily ordered.

    October 2019

  • Yes, I would vouch for it. Apart from the fact that a few times our deliveries were mislaid, I couldn't bring up any negative things at all. But in all cases, we were fairly compensated, and anyone we'd ever contacted by phone case was tremendously kind and helpful.

    October 2019

  • Yes, I propone it wholeheartedly.

    October 2019

  • I already recommended Mindenmentes Food to a bunch of people : )

    October 2019

    Collect your meal! Eat smart with Mindenmentes Food!
    Collect your meal! Eat smart with Mindenmentes Food!

    Life is way too short to live only for our duties. Let us take the burden of the healthy and proper nutrition off your shoulders! If you are looking for allergen-free foods for health reasons, prevention, or conscious nutrition, you're in the right place. All you have to do is click on our Menu, order the meal our course you wish to eat and we will deliver it!

    If you would like to read more about the allergens or our pre-cooling technology which can guarantee the freshness of our meals, then click on the link and learn more from our Knowledge Base!

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    Low-carb (Monday, MF2)
    Devilish chicken leg, Brussels sprouts with bacon


    Chef's offer (Wednesday, MS1)
    'Hungarian-style' chicken breast stew, dumplings


    Vega (Friday, MC3)
    Mushroom in a piquant brown sauce,


    What should be known about gluten sensitivity?

    Nowadays, it's all over the news that some foods are gluten-free But why is this, exactly? Why is this good for us? Indeed, many of us still do not even know whether it is eaten or drunk? What is this notorious gluten?

    Gluten(in Hungary also known as sikér) is a so-called adhesive or glue protein which is made up of two other proteins: glutenin and gliadin (in the case of rye, this is the secalin, and in the case of barley the barrel). Speaking of, gliadin is the one, which is harmful to people with gluten sensitivity. It is important to know that gliadin cannot be ...


    Read more
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